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Poland x Busty Chubby Reader – Swimsuit Annoyance

Small Authors Note: Because I’m not sure how many people read the description I just wanted to say I’d like to request no hate for this please. I’ve run into some hate when I’ve said how I view guys in Hetalia and Poland is one of the major ones I encountered it on. I really like Poland, and pretty much all the guys, but I seem to be the odd person out a lot of the times because I don’t really see any of the guys as gay I see them all as bi or pansexual, especially France he’s so pan, because to me it makes the most sense. This comes from my own experiences with my friends, I know Poland may be hard to see as anything but gay but I have one friend just like him and he’s probably the straightest guy I know. Sounds crazy but it’s true he’ll sit there and talk to you about clothes and hair and make-up then start talking like France about how he likes the boobs on that girl and would like to take her to bed, which usually makes his wife hit him but that’s how they are. xD Wow this has become much longer then I originally meant it to be, sorry about that, but please no hate on this if I made the characters completely OoC let me know how to make it better use constructive criticism not “OMG Poland would never be with a girl what’s wrong with you sicko!” Yes I’m actually quoting someone I discussed this fic with, anyway enjoy the story and sorry for slight cussing. :3

You stood there listen to music on your phone groaning a little, “Ugh why me?” you asked yourself as you stood in front of (name of fancy clothes store you’d probably never shop in), “I doubt they’ll have anything I like in there, so why am I even here?”
As if to answer your question you heard a familiar voice call to you, “(Your Name)! You’re like right on time!”
Oh that’s right, him. You mentally groaned, you didn’t hate hanging out with him in fact you loved it; you guys had been friends for years now and you’d actually developed a crush on the guy, how you’d never be sure. It seem to have just happen one day that you woke up and realized you liked him as more then a friend, though you could probably take a guess why you weren’t going to admit your feeling and ruin your friendship, besides you had bigger problems cause if there was one thing you hated it was clothes shopping or in this case swimsuit shopping. You had been invited by Alfred to a beach party he was holding later that day, which you loved the idea of being a bit of a swimming nut but what you didn’t love was when your Polish friend Feliks had stopped by your house and decided you needed a new swimsuit. Claiming it wasn’t fashionable enough to wear anymore and he was going to take you to get a new one that would easily make you popular with everyone. You shivered and gagged internally at the thought as you turned to you see Feliks coming towards you with your guy’s Lithuanian friend Toris in tow.

You waved at them, “Hey Feliks, yep I’m here. What’s up Toris? Looks like he dragged you here too huh?”
Toris chuckled as Feliks made his mad face at you while answering for him, “Hey! I totally didn’t like drag anyone here.”
You gave him your Really Feliks? look which caused Feliks to puff his cheeks out more as Toris tried to hide the fact he chuckled even more.
“Feliks said you could use as much help as possible so I came too,” Toris said smiling though looking a bit nervous as he often did.  
“Oh he did, did he?” you looked at Feliks who just smiled at you.
“Hey I saw what you called a swimsuit (YN) you like totally need all the help you can get to pick a new one if that last one was like anything to go by.”
“I loved that swimsuit I’ll have you know,” you fake sobbed over the loss.
Feliks rolled his eyes, “Whatever (YN), let’s get in there and get you a new one.”
“Feliks do you see these?” you pointed to your boobs, “You this?” you gestured to the rest of you, “You really think this place will have anything that will fit all of this and not cost a ton of money?” If there was one thing to say about you it was nothing on you was little you were at least chubby and for you with the chubby came the busty. You folded your arms as best you could at him, no one ever said folding arms was what busty people did well, but he just smiled at you.
“Like don’t worry about it (YN), it’ll be fun.”
“Easy for you to say you don’t have to try them on or spend money on them.”
“If that’s what you’re worried about I’ll like totally buy it for you.”
“You’re seriously buying me a swimsuit?” You questioned a little surprised and still not sure how this was going to turn out.
His smile widened as he grabbed your hand starting to drag you in with Toris following behind, “Duh of course I am. You’re like totally worth it (YN).”
“Thank you?” You weren’t completely sure how to take that, it almost sounded like you were a couple with that kind of logic or maybe it was just your wishful thinking.
Toris tapped you on the shoulder right before you get in the doors, “Hey (YN)?”
“Yeah?” you stopped and waited for the rest of the question even though Feliks was tugging on your hand.  
Toris looked at you a bit confused, “Where is that music coming from? You’re in a dress and don’t have a purse with you.”
Feliks stopped tugging on you and looked you over finally noticing you didn’t have a purse, which is where he thought the music was coming from, “He’s like right. Where is it coming from?”
You smiled and promptly reached down the front of your dress to take your phone out of your bra and turn on its silent mode. The boys looked surprised and a bit embarrassed for staring.
“Perk of having boobs boys,” you said heading through the doors and replacing your phone.
“What else do you like hide in there?” Feliks muttered as he and Toris followed you in.

Once inside you felt your hopes plummet, if the price you’d seen on one of the dresses you passed was anything like their swimsuits you’d have to give Feliks an arm and a leg in return for him buying you a suit not to mention how everything seemed size skeleton but if you’d learned anything in all the shopping trips you’d had with Feliks it was the tiny stuff was upfront by the door and the human sizes were near the back of the building. The three of you all went in different directions to try and find the larger size clothes and the swimsuits. After finding and looking through your size of swimsuits you’d only found one you really liked, a one piece that was (favorite color) and didn’t look like it’d show too much so you decided to take it since you were pretty sure anything Feliks found for you would be pink given his love of the color but hey a girl could hope for other colors too right? You headed to the dressing room and put it inside to try on as soon as you had the guys picks too, you’d found out awhile a go if you didn’t wait for Feliks it would be bad. The tantrums that man had made two year olds look well behaved.
“(YN)?” you heard Toris’ voice call out.
“Over here Toris,” You called and waved to him. He smiled when he saw where you were and walked over with his choices. Looking over the swimsuits in your hand you noticed most of them were regular looking bikinis, the scourge of swimsuit wearers everywhere especially the chubby and busty like you.
“Toris, why is it that a good portion of these are bikinis?” You questioned him slightly confused and a bit annoyed.
You were pretty sure Toris was having a small panic attack from your question, “I-I thought you wore them so I was looking for them.”
“What on earth made you think that?”
“Feliks told me you did.”
Makes sense, You thought as you saw Feliks coming over with even more bikinis, most of which you saw were, surprise, pink in color.
“Feliks, what the freak?” You said more then asked giving him an unhappy look.
“Like what do you mean (YN)?” Feliks as he handed his batch over, “Your body is like awesome so don’t try and tell me your body isn’t like good enough to wear one or something.”
You laugh snorted at him, “Excuse me? I love myself and my body I simply choose not to wear bikinis because they cover less then my underwear does. Heck they basically are underwear you wear outside and in water, just look at this thing.” You held up what you guessed was a one piece swimsuit, “Seriously guys? I mean come on. Did you even look at the swimsuits when you chose them? Or is Luddy or Gil or maybe Fran or Toni hiding around here this is just freaking string, this looks like it’s from one of Kiku’s freaking hentais!”
Toris blushed rather badly at those comparisons while Feliks just pushed you toward the changing area, though you were pretty sure his cheeks had turned a nice shade of pink, “Just like try them on.”
You shook your head digging your heels in, “Not on all the pink clothes you own Feliks.”
“Come on (YN),” he urged you while whining a little, “I want to see how you look in them.”
You rolled your eyes having become almost impervious to his whining and smirked a little, “You mean like this one?” You held up the mass of string in your hand again which caused Feliks to grab the swimsuit out of your hand and toss it somewhere as he pouted. You couldn’t help but chuckle and pat his head, “Alright you big baby I’m going.”
Feliks puffed his cheeks out, “I’m NOT a baby!”
You just chuckled again as you went to change, you were pretty sure you heard Toris trying not laugh as Feliks fumed like a child.

“Oh my glob guys are you kidding me?” you laughed as you put one of the swimsuits/bikinis on, “This thing is just strings and a napkin though I suppose that’s a step up from the last one.”
“Oh come on (YN) it like, can’t be that bad,” Feliks said waiting as patiently as he could, “Just like put it on and let us see it.”
You poked your head out from behind the curtain and looked around.
“What are you looking for?” Toris asked a bit confused.
“Alfred, I swear this is his pick cause it’s an old 60’s song and I don’t see how either of you could have chosen it cause it’s not pink and I’d assume you know me better then this Toris since the back is a giant no, I don’t do freaking thongs thank you.”
Toris blushed a bit as Feliks looked at you confused, “What the heck are you like talking about?”
You gave a small crooked smile at them as you spoke, “So this isn’t a joke suit?” you asked as you stepped out from behind the curtain and put a hand on your hip. You tried not to laugh as you watched them both get nosebleeds and Toris go bright red, you smiled even wider at Feliks face because if there was one fact you’d learned about Feliks over the years it was he never really turned red when blushing it was more of a hot pink, which you thought suited him nicely. You chuckled at their faces and proceeded to sing as you went back to change into another one, “She wore an itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, yellow polka dot bikini.”
The next one you tried was a bright pink one, obviously Feliks’ pick, you grimaced a little as you came out in it.
“Like what’s with that face? It totally fits you great,” Feliks said smiling and looking you over.
“Yeah accept I feel like it’s going to snap my neck,” you said as you tried to put an arm under your bust for support, one of the bad things about swimsuits that tied around your neck they didn’t get along with your boobs.
“I think we should try another one,” Toris suggested not wanting to see you in so much discomfort.
You nodded and quickly went back in wanting to try your own pick out this time so you put on the (favorite color) one piece you’d found but as soon as you got it on you facepalmed; you kept your hand on your face as you went out to show the guys.
“Uh… wow,” you heard Toris say as you sighed letting your arm down.
“I know I thought the stupid thing would fit but no these have to work against me,” you said grabbing your boobs which didn’t need the movement since they were already looking like they were going to fall out.
“New one, like now,” Feliks said quickly shoving you into your changing room before there was a fashion mishap.
After trying on the rest you all agree none of them were quite right and decided to take one last look around the store before giving up and heading to another one. As you looked through the racks again you noticed something strange it was a bikini that you oddly enough liked. It wasn’t like most bikinis where it showed everything this one actually looked like it covered a good amount of skin and had a kind of retro 50’s vibe to it that you liked. Another thing you liked about it was the design reminded you of space, you’d always been fond of looking at the stars, and since it had some pink in it you figure Feliks would approve of it. Quickly checking for the guys you ran into the changing room again to try it on. Once you’d got it on you gave yourself a once over, “Damn I look sexy.” It fit you better then you had expected, it didn’t show or make any rolls or anything it made your curves look great. You smiled quickly changing back into your clothes; you didn’t care if Feliks had a meltdown you were waiting to show this to him.

~mini time skip to Beach Party~

You weren’t surprised when Feliks had a tantrum for buying you the swimsuit “sight unseen” and you were too thrilled to be at the beach to really care that he was still pouting since you had a non-see-thru cover on till you got to where the rest of the gang was. Once you’d gotten there and taken that off you figured you’d picked a good one if at least half of the guys blushing and Fran, Gil, and Toni being rather pervy, which let’s face it you were used to so it didn’t phase you anymore, to you were any indication. You decided to get some sun for a little while before heading into the water with everyone else; since you’d put some sunblock on right before coming you simply laid out your blanket and after digging a couple holes for Mork and Mindy so you could be more comfortable you laid on your belly.
Unfortunately the peace didn’t last long as you heard a voice say, “Hey babe want to have some fun?”

Against your better judgment you looked up to see two guys you didn’t know staring at you one looked a bit like he was trying not to laugh, not if a normal way more a creepy we have plans for this one way that reminded you of how old villains in cartoons laughed, and the other just kept eyeing you up and down with a smirk on his face. Honestly where’s Al when you need him to punch someone?
Not wanting anything to do with these guys and feeling there is safety in numbers you stood up and started walking toward the group in the water, “No thanks, you’re so not my type and I doubt I’m yours.”
The guy grabbed your wrist to stop you, which you quickly removed from his hand, and grinned a creeper grin, “Don’t worry babe you may be fat but I still think you’re worthy of me so lets all have some fun.”
You were seriously about to deck this guy when Feliks suddenly stepped in between the two of you and before you knew what was happening Feliks had jumped onto you wrapping his arms and legs around you, good thing you could lift him without too much trouble. You blushed when you realized his head was between your boobs, you were pretty sure Feliks didn’t notice this cause he was too busy glaring at the other guy.
“Um… Feliks…?” you started to try and ask, since you had no idea where he’d come from or what he was doing but he cut you off before you could finish.
“Mine!” Feliks shouted tightening his grip on you and still glaring at the guy, “She’s mine so you like keep your totally gross hands off, got it!”
You were pretty sure your blush had gotten a hundred times darker now. You were about to yell about how you belonged to yourself and ask what the heck he was thinking when he lifted his head and quickly smashed his lips against yours. You blinked out of shock which only grew when you felt his tongue touch your lips, realizing he was asking for entrance and you should probably react in someway you closed your eyes and kissed back meeting his tongue with yours.

When you two parted you only vaguely registered the guys had left but your brain was more focused on the fact Feliks had kissed you, you were going to say something when you heard someone clear their throat. Turning around you saw Toris looking a bit embarrassed.  
“Hey Toris, what happened?” you asked curious what was going on.
“They’re gone,” Toris pointed out still sounding a bit uncomfortable, “They left while you two were um… going at it? I think they were also a bit surprised by that,” Toris then pointed to the both of you and it was then you both realized that Feliks was still clinging to you. Turning pink he quickly let go and hopped off. You tried not to laugh at how flustered he was.
Feliks kept looking anywhere but you as he spoke, “W-well, I’m like going to go swim now.” He quickly ran off to the water, probably to try and cool off that blush you thought giggling a little.
“You know he likes you right?” Toris asked rather seriously.
You looked at him a little confused, “Well… yeah. I mean we’re friend so I’d hope he liked me.”
Toris shook his head, “No (YN) I mean he likes you.”
You felt yourself go red, “He does?”
Toris gave you a knowing smile and nodded, “Yes (YN) he does. He talks about you a lot, I know he’s not always good at showing his emotions but he loves you. It’s not even that he finds you pretty which you are what he loves most is your inner beauty, the way you’ll put up with him when he’s being a diva and are always there if he needs someone to talk to even when he knows you’re tired of hearing him talk about clothes. You’re always there for him and can make him smile even on his worst days.”
“Really?” you asked still red but hopeful. Toris nodded again which you proceeded to give him a bear hug for, “You’re awesome Toris.” You gave him a peck on the cheek before running off to try and catch up to Feliks.

You’re plan didn’t work very well as Feliks avoided you for most of the day but luckily Toris was there to keep your spirits up, telling you it was just that he was embarrassed and such and that he’d come back around. Toris was right of course even if it did take till when the sun was setting and you were almost ready to go. You were putting away your things when you felt someone tap your shoulder and when you turned around there Feliks stood.
“Hey (YN) can I like talk to you a sec?” Feliks looked really nervous, which was something you weren’t used to, and as he spoke he turned pink, “I-I’m not good at like this stuff but I like wanted to tell you that well… I like love you (YN). That’s why that guy made me like totally mad when he talked to you that way because you’re like the perfect girl to me no matter what anyone says, someone I like wasn’t even searching for but still found. I know people like think I’m just a pink loving, cross-dressing weirdo so I can like understand if you don’t like me like that.”
You placed a finger on his lips to stop him. Feliks gave you a questioning look which you answered by simply smiling, grabbing the back of his head, and proceeding to kiss him full on the mouth, “You may be a pink loving, cross-dressing weirdo but you’re my pink loving, cross-dressing weirdo.” Feliks smiled back and nodded as he hugged you and your smile grew when you noticed he had turned a nice shade of hot pink.
Poland x Busty Chubby Reader - Swimsuit Annoyance

This is my entry :iconbonkers-4-hatter:  's contest for her group :iconbig-love-stories: the theme was Big Summer Time Lovin~ and she requested each story to have the following words throughout the story - Self love, worthy, inner beauty. They had to go along with the story and not just be randomly there, hopefully I did it even if self love is worded "love myself". ^^; I'm so grateful for the extension because my computer was being and idiot with DA and not letting me load this. :sad:  

This came to my mind after thinking for awhile as to what I thought could happen with a chubby reader and it being a new idea. At first I thought of doing something with Russia because my friend loves him but then I thought of using a character I didn't see as often in these stories and got the idea of "what if Poland was bff with reader-chan and made her get a new swimsuit because being Poland he wanted her to be fashionable but after that she got popular and since he likes her he becomes a bit possessive?" And so this was born. xD Still have no idea what I'm doing with these guys and I'm sorry if they are totally OOC. ^^;  Cry run 

Hope you like it and feel free to comment. :D :nod: 182 : Dance Together Emoticon 

Oh and now time for links. xD Here are some pics for what I was going for with the swimsuits sorry if they're not quiet your style but it's Poland you knew there had to be some pink in it. ;P 
Yellow polka dot bikini rescuelashelters.files.wordpre…
Other option for it, the one with no straps on the drawing would be most like it…

One you ended up wearing e3240c4bbb5dbc6ce55c-ad08ca0f2…

If you’re curious about the one you said was just string I’d say anything like these, careful clicking the links there is a lot of skin and I found them by googling “sexy swimsuits”. xD………

This shows the idea I had for how Poland clung to you; it's in the left bottom corner. ;P…

Also if you want to know here is a link to the song you were talking about/singing if you don't know it, which I understand cause it's oooooooooooooold. xD 
It's seriously called Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini by Brian Hyland.

And these are some images from that helped inspire parts of the story, in order more or less, and I think if you've got boobs you will not only get but like these comics. :D…………………

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I am so sorry to everyone who has been reading my Dragon in DunBroch story, I honestly wasn't sure anyone was, I had terrible writers block and my computer was evil. It died and we had to replace it and until I found the disk I'd saved the story to I thought it had deleted it. :nuu: I was so freaked out for awhile, anyway I'll be rewatching Brave and HTTYD again as I'll finally be able to see HTTYD2 soon which I think will help with ideas for it. I honestly have some chapters done but I'm still working on tying them together in a better way. 

Also I'm thinking of entering a couple contests for Hetalia x reader so we'll see how that goes as it'll be my first time giving that a go, I should be getting them all up pretty soon.

Thanks everyone, be safe. 

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Thats about it take care everyone and be safe. ^-^ 

I :heart: Michael Jackson.

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